ISO 9001, ISO 14001& ISO 45001


Akiş Paint and Chemical Co., 


  • To ensure continuous development and improvement by ensuring the legislation, legal obligations and relevant internal and external party requirements within our scope, 
  • To review, monitor and improve our quality, environment and occupational health and safety performance by identifying risks, opportunities and threats with measurable and applicable targets, 
  • To ensure safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and ill health, 
  • To identify and eliminate hazards, risks and near-miss situations in the working environment with a zero work accident and zero occupational disease approach; To reduce it to acceptable levels when it is not possible to eliminate it. 
  • To create an organization that can respond to emergencies in the shortest time and most effectively by creating emergency plans and to ensure its effectiveness, 
  • To ensure the protection of natural resources by using appropriate technologies that are least harmful to the environment and human health within the framework of technical and economic possibilities, by reducing the use of raw materials that are harmful to the environment and human health, and to follow innovations in this context and continuously develop them, 
  • To increase company performance, production efficiency and quality, 
  • To ensure continuity in customer satisfaction, 
  • To support and develop its suppliers, 
  • To plan trainings for all our participants and increase their participation in order to create and maintain environmental, occupational health and quality awareness, 
  • Committed to ensuring the consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives.