Quality principles of Akiş Boya:

• To make quality traceable and practical.

• To increase customer satisfaction by improving our awareness of customer demands and by fulfilling other applicable requirements.

• To realize our total quality understanding within the framework of ISO 9001 quality standard in every unit where we do business.

• To see and encourage each of our stakeholders as responsible for improving the quality of their work.

• In line with the principle of continuous improvement, which is among our values, to continuously improve the quality and to do better.

• To make improvements in occupational safety and environment as a dynamic and continuous part of total quality.

While placing our quality principles in all processes, all decisions and actions we take will be based on our "FOUNDING VALUES" below:

• Take predictable business risks

• Full compliance with all legal regulations within our scope.

• Fast service

• Continuous improvement and change.

• Sustainable growth.


General Manager

Yusuf İyigüllü